Ludo Light

A fun board game with nail-biting finish.

Callbreak Champ

A strategic trick-based card game played by four players with a standard deck of 52 playing cards.

29 Card Game

An Indian trick-taking card game for 4 players, in which the Jack and the nine are the highest cards in every suit, followed by ace and ten.

Sholo Guti

A checker board game more over like chess where 2 players participate and play this traditional board game.

Ludo And More

A collection of the best classic games.

Math Logic

A great and unique fun puzzle game to learn mathematics in an interesting way.

Mini Ludo

A Classic Board game played between Friends, Family. Play the royal game of kings! Recall your Childhood!

Dots And Boxes

A simple & interesting strategy game.

Draw Path

A COLOURFUL, CHALLENGING, ADDICTIVE game, it will sharpen your wits!

Tic Tac Toe

A free classic board game also known as Noughts and Crosses or sometimes X and O.


If you like a puzzle game and you're addicted to them? Try this MatchStick Classic puzzle game.


Checkers, Or Draughts is a board game loved and played all around the world.


CRx is an addictive strategy game that can be played between 2 to 8 players.

Picture Match

A brain puzzle game for everyone where you have to distinguish between images and you have to find the pairs.

Snake & Ladder

An ancient Indian board game regarded today as a worldwide classic.

Slide Mania

It’s logical, addictive and great for fun on the go.

Drag And Fill

A simple but addictive block puzzle game that’s completely free to play.

Number Links

A completely free puzzle game in which you have to connect dots with each other.

Maze Trap

A classic puzzle game for the kids and adults that can make brain sharp by solving the maze/labyrinth puzzle.

Slide And Roll

If you are a puzzle game lover, you will not be able to stop playing it even for a second!


One of the best pipe connection puzzle game in the app market.

Word Hunt

An exciting puzzle game for WORD geniuses.

Word Search Mania

Most addictive, challenging and exciting word search puzzle game.


Sudoku : Brain-teaser is a logic-based, combinatorial number puzzle game.

Single Stroke

A simple yet very addictive puzzle game. Draw all the figures with just one line.

Touch To Survive

A fantastic and addictive game that needs ability and skill at the same time.

Unblock Now

The most popular sliding brain logic block puzzle game on store.

Word Search Classic

Word Search is a simple, fun and addictive words game for children and adults.

Word Connect

An exciting puzzle game for WORD geniuses.

Block Puzzle

A block fitting game, just drag the blocks and fit all in the given frame.

Dot Trap

Simple game with very simple rules, Just trap the the red dot within the matrix of circles.

Colour Merge

In this game when you match two tiles with similar colour, they merge into one next colour tile.


If you like card game, Solitaire game will give you endless fun.

Spider Solitaire

Use your strategy and stack all cards of each suit in descending order to solve the puzzle and win the game.

Connect Colours

All about connecting the coloured object with variety of themes, shapes and size.

Hexa Cell Connect

The most addictive hexagonal block puzzle game you’ve ever seen!

Classic Popper

A simple and addictive match pop game!